The PERFECT handbag …

Have wine will travel


At first glance … it could be a stylish handbag to the unknown observer.  However, these handbag contents are little more full-bodied, smooth and crisp. Plus it could be paired with pasta, fish or steak. Why? Cause it more than a stylish accessory.


The wine box handbag comes in three  blends from Vernissage. Syrah- Cabernet Sauvignon , Chardonnay-Viognier, and Syrah Rose.

I am anxiously waiting for my local wine shop to find this perfectly disguised wine box. I did locate some other wine makers with the same design.

volere_wTry Volere from Venice, Italy.

Available for purchase at Amazon!

Perfect to sip while under the covers of a new book or share with girlfriends!