The Fringe

Our cut off shorts were never this short…


These are quite conservative compared to others I’ve seen. They might have required a X rating here!  In my younger years, we would cut off out jeans short for summer cause you knew your current pair would be too short next fall for school. “Waste not want not” my grandmother would say. Yeah, I’m aging myself here.

Cut Off’s were worn longer then… board short length.

Cut your old jeans to a desired length and sew with colorless thread an 1/4 inch from the cut off point. The hem will keep the fringe from fraying further.

Let us know how it went.  My attempt will be pictured soon.


2 thoughts on “The Fringe

  1. And I’m going to date myself now. When I was younger, we cut ours off even shorter than the picture you have posted! I mean on the verge of …. Luckily, I don’t think there are any surviving photos of me in mine. lol

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