drink me: green white and red

Green Week! Trying some Organic wine recommended by Grapefriend. The Veltliner is one of my favorites!


In addition to all of the amazing biodynamic wines I tried for Green Week, here are just plain old organic ones to try. Organic basically means the grapes were grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides, and that they also didn’t use any preservatives in the winemaking process. I didn’t do a massive, all-encompassing sampling so there are a ton of others, but these are ones I came across that I liked.


biokult gruner veltlinerBiokult Grüner Vetliner

This is from the largest producer of organic wines in Austria. It’s almost more Sav Blanc than Gruner. Saline smell, like oysters and mussels. Nice green apple on finish.  A bit fizzy, very light, and super refreshing.

$14 here

Bota Box Pinot Grigio

bota box pinotEnough with the plastic water bottles. Also, people don’t need to drink gallons of water every day, so you don’t need to have one permanently attached to your hand!!! So stop dissing boxed wine and take a clue…

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