Sneak peek at Daniel’s novella.

New novella by Colleen Hoover! Her writing captivates me every time!

Colleen Hoover

If you read Losing Hope, you probably remember Daniel, Holder’s protective best-friend with an unusual vocabulary.  I received so many emails regarding Daniel after the book released that I thought I’d write him his own novella so readers could maybe find out who was actually in the closet with him.

I don’t think it’s that big of a secret.  When I wrote that scene, I wrote it with a short-story in mind, which is why I didn’t explain it further.  The novella will be released for free around Thanksgiving as a thank you to my readers, so keep an eye out for it on this blog.

Until then, here’s a chapter sneak peek from Daniel’s Point of view.

Daniel’s Novella (Still untitled)

            I climb into Sky’s window and she’s sitting on the floor, rummaging through pictures.  She looks up and smiles as I make…

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