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This is the final stop of her 7-day MEET THE CHARACTERS OF “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” Blog Tour and if you missed any of the other stops, please feel free to go back and visit them.
And now, I’d like for everyone to sit back, hold on to your seats (tightly) as we welcome the character interview of Mrs. Kat Belieu!
Q:  Hello Mrs. Belieu!  Welcome, it’s great to have you and I’m thinking the best was saved for last.  We’ve heard a lot about you and each alluded to the fact that you were a bit much, a handful, well just plain, down-right difficult. (smiles at her)
A:  First of all, my name is Msssssss Belieu.  My husband died some time back and I think I’m still young enough for the dating pool so I don’t want to throw off any of my would-be suitors with that Mrs. stuff.
Q:  Well, Mssssss Belieu, I know it’s highly inappropriate to ask a lady her age but you’re so feisty and a grandmother, and you don’t look a day over 39.  So, how about letting me in on your secret?
A:  My secret is to never tell.  Hahahaha.  OK, I’m just kidding, boy. I am 72 yrs old.
Q:  Thanks for sharing.  Walter is your son, correct?  Is he your only child?
A:  Yes, Walter is my baby and he’s the only baby I have, and the only one I’ve ever wanted.
Q:  I’m sure every child, young or old, would love to hear their mom speak of them that way.
A  (under her breath she mumbles) Not Marisa’s mom.
Q:  I heard that, you know.  Why would you say that about Marisa’s mom.  Do you know her?
A:  I know OF her and what I know OF her, she’s a sad one to be called Mother.  From what I hear, she hates her own child.  What kind of mother can hate their own child?  Now you can hate someone else’s, but not your own.
Q:  Ms. Belieu, do you mean like the way you HATE Marisa?
A:  Now who told you that?  And I don’t HATE her, I just feel that under different circumstances we might have been nicer to one another.
Q:  May I inquire as to what those circumstances might have been?
A:  Well, do you want me to be honest?  Of  course you do because I’m much too old to hold my tongue and lie!  I don’t like the girl because she married my son!
Q:  That’s not a really good reason to not like someone.  Why did you not want her to marry your son?
A:  I’m not racist by any means, but I’m from a time when they just didn’t mix the races and I feel that it’s just not right.  Just like those same-sex people, that’s not right, either.
Q:  Ms. Belieu, they’ve been “mixing the races” as you put it for some time now.  Don’t you think you need to come on into the 21st century with the rest of us and just accept those things?  Times have changed, dramatically.
A:  Why should I have to accept the wrong that others do?  I’m not doing it.  And I’m sure there were a million other white men out there that she could have gone after, but she sank her fangs into my boy.
Q:  Why do you say she went after him?  I was told that they had a wonderful chance encounter in a supermarket and it was practically love at first sight for the both of them.  What do you say to that?
A:  I say she’s trash, she’s from the wrong side of the tracks, she’s beneath us and she has the pedigree of a common Musk Turtle!  I mean the only difference between the two is the darned turtle mates under water with the male on top of her.  I don’t suspect these girl even knows how to swim but I can assure you, she’s good at matin’!
Q:  Now that was a bit much and a bit harsh.  So, let’s move on and talk about something that mightbring a smile to your face.  I hear you have two adorable grandchildren, a boy and a girl.  I know Marisa grew up spending almost every weekend with her grandparents so do you have YOUR  grandkids over very often?
A:  The two of THEM  have kids, I HAVE NO GRANDKIDS.  You all can’t make me accept these things and no, I don’t ever have those little half-breeds in my house.  And when they visit with their parents, I watch the clock until they leave!  That’s it!  And before you ask, no I don’t feel one bit of shame for saying it!
Q:  Mssssssss Belieu!  What an extremely ugly thing to say about children?  How could you?  They’ve never hurt you, so how could you make such a venomous remark in regards to them?
A:  I have said what I wanted to say.  I have meant every single word of it and I will take none of it back nor will I apologize for any of it.  She stole my son right from under my eyes and I knew, the first time I laid eyes on her, that she was trouble.  Even now, I can sense that she is hiding secrets from my son that will come back and hurt him. Yet, you look at me as if I’m the monster?   Now, if you will excuse me, I am cutting this interview short as I don’t like the fact that you are pre-judging me, without even knowing the full story!  Now you will have to just wait until the  book releases to find out the whole story.
INTERVIEWER:  “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND”, after having two previous release dates that were both re-scheduled, will finally be released on Amazon, October 31, 2013.  That’s Halloween and some of you will find this story perfectly suited to tie in with the occasion.  You can view the trailer here at and read an excerpt from the book  here
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