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Title: The Road To You

Author: Marilyn Brant

Publisher: Selfpublished – Marilyn Brant

Release Date: October 3, 2013


About The Road To You:

Sometimes the only road to the truth…is one you’ve never taken.

Until I found Gideon’s journal in the tool shed — locked in the cedar box where I’d once hidden my old diary — I’d been led to believe my brother was dead. But the contents of his journal changed all that.

The Road to Discovery…

Two years ago, Aurora Gray’s world turned upside down when her big brother Gideon and his best friend Jeremy disappeared. Now, during the summer of her 18th birthday, she unexpectedly finds her brother’s journal and sees that it’s been written in again. Recently. By him.

The Road to Danger…

There are secret messages coded within the journal’s pages. Aurora, who’s unusually perceptive and a natural puzzle solver, is hell bent on following where they lead, no matter what the cost. She confides in the only person she feels can help her interpret the clues: Donovan McCafferty, Jeremy’s older brother and a guy she’s always been drawn to — even against her better judgment.

The Road to You…

Reluctantly, Donovan agrees to go with her and, together, they set out on a road trip of discovery and danger, hoping to find their lost brothers and the answers to questions they’ve never dared to ask aloud.

In that expectant space between silence and melody, our trip began…

About the Author:

MarilynBrantauthorMarilyn Brant is a national bestselling and award-winning author of contemporary fiction. For Kensington Books, she wrote ACCORDING TO JANE, a new adult contemporary that won RWA’s Golden Heart Award, as well as the Aspen Gold and Booksellers’ Best; FRIDAY MORNINGS AT NINE, a Doubleday Book Club and Book-of-the-Month Club pick in women’s fiction; and A SUMMER IN EUROPE, a romantic women’s fiction story featured by the Literary Guild and BOMC2, as well as by the Rhapsody Book Club, where it was Top 20 Bestseller in “Fiction & Literature.”

She’s also a #1 Kindle Bestseller and has written a series of fun and flirty contemporary romantic comedies, including ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAE and PRIDE, PREJUDICE AND THE PERFECT MATCH, both of which were Amazon and B&N Top 100 bestselling novels. She was recently named the 2013 Illinois Author of the Year by the Illinois Association of Teachers of English and lives in the northern Chicago suburbs with her family. She’s a big fan of travel, music and chocolate of all varieties, but she’s not so fond of celery or snakes. Or doing laundry.

Author social media links/website, etc.:

Blog/“Brant Flakes”

By Contributing Reviewer: Kat Summers

When I decided to read The Road To You by Marilyn Brant it was because it sounded different from the ordinary New Adult books. A road trip sounded refreshing, and in truth it was. There was a bit of New Adult storyline, but it was almost more of a mystery than anything else.

As the book is set in 1978, it makes for an old fashioned mystery, without cell phones, GPS, or readily available computers. Need a telephone number? Find a phone book. Need to look something up? Find a library. It was a magical time in its simplicity. And yes, some of the cultural references made me giggle.

“… what was Donovan doing three rows behind me… and who the hell was he sitting with? I’d expected to see him outside of the theatre. On the sidewalk. Not inside, watching John Travolta flirt with Olivia Newton-John. And most especially not rumbling with laughter at some racy lyrics to “Greased Lightning” while the shrill giggles of the girl he was with distracted half the audience”.

The Road To You has a great introduction which brings the reader right into the story and sets up the premise for the rest of the book. The wheels are set into motion… And you cannot wait to see what happens next. All the way through it just keep you guessing, and there is never a dull moment to be found.

The main character, Aurora, is strong minded and has a knack for puzzles. You quickly start to care about her, and try and help her puzzle out the clues her brother (?) left. The reader has a chance to puzzle out some of the clues for themselves while others are related to specific knowledge Aurora has. Aurora’s “partner in crime” Donovan is someone who puts on a bad boy facade, but in actuality he is just a boy who has lost his younger brother. I immediately liked him, and was looking forward to the romance that is a must for a New Adult book. As for romance, however, I would have liked a little more than I got, but that just isn’t what this story is about.

Therefore, if you are looking to go on a road trip, solve a puzzle and get to know some interesting characters I recommend you to pick up this book and enjoy, but if you are looking for romance, I suggest you look somewhere else.

4 Stars ****

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~This read looks exactly what I am looking for.  Thank you Kat for being my reading partner in crime.  I love having you around to talk books. Its the best girl time I get.  Cheers!~ Mia

Thank you AToMR Tours &  Marilyn Brant for the opportunity to read Road to You.



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