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Fall in love with Beachwood Bay in Melody Grace’s USA Today and internationally bestselling series!

“I’ve spent my whole life chasing perfection: perfect looks, perfect man, perfect home. But in one brutal moment, I realized it was all just a beautiful lie…”

Carina MacKenzie is fleeing from her past. Picking up the wreckage of her shattered dreams, she seeks comfort in the only place she’s ever felt safe: Beachwood Bay.

Garrett Sawyer isn’t looking to be anyone’s savior. Scarred by old betrayals, he’s sworn never to put his heart on the line again — especially not for a damaged, high-maintenance girl like Carina. But passion knows no logic, and soon, their reckless chemistry is making him forget his bitter vows.

Two damaged hearts. The hope of true love. As their passion blazes out of control, Carina and Garrett struggle to escape their legacies of hurt. But can you ever outrun the past? And when everything is on the line, can they trust enough to build a love that’s unconditional?

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 17+*


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 Review by Mia

Since I began reading New Adult, I have continued to read a number of novels from particular authors. Melody Grace is one such author whose books I gravitate toward when I want to step into the life of captivating and vivacious characters. The sexy spin of the New Adult genre sizzles throughout her latest Beachwood Bay Series book, Unconditional.

Carina McKenzie had dreamt of a perfect future, social status, and family. She planned whom the best man would be and how she would be the perfect supportive wife, but one night those perfect plans fumble and she soon realizes the only solution is to find a new beginning in Beachwood Bay. In her search to find out where to belong, Carina comes face to face with the girl she was and the person she wants to be. She finds more power within herself than she ever thought possible.

I did not expect to be pulled into the life of another Beachwood Bay character I had previously disliked but by the end of chapter one, all my preconceived beliefs about Carina turned to concern, empathy and understanding. Immediately, I wanted her to find a way out and discover who she could be without that perfected facade she had carefully created.


Carina’s role in previous novels in the series made her unlikeable, but in Unconditional, you get to see the real Carina. Once I stepped inside of her life, witnessed her carefully orchestrated wall tumble and burying her alive, all I wanted was to throw her a rope and help her pull free.


I admired and adored the spunk, straight talk and strength that carried Carina throughout the book. Once Carina’s practiced perfection is stripped away, she faces her past demons, becomes self-reliant and eventually, falls in love with sexy bar owner, Garrett Sawyer, who has a few demons of his own.


Garrett Sawyer seems an unlikely match for Carina McKenzie; however, their wounds from the past are exactly why they find comfort in each other. Despite their obvious attraction being off the chart, the connection they share never hinders who they are individually. The momentum of this page-turner tugs the reader into their journey.


The author has an innate gift of creating female characters that overcome and persevere throughout the series and Unconditional is no exception. The further I read Carina and Garrett’s story, the more entrenched I became. Garrett’s southern charm and whispering comebacks earn him the “most enduringly sensual bartender of all time” award. Their journey was sensationally composed, authentic and sprinkled with ample sexual tension, in exactly the right places, throughout the book. I turned the pages rapidly, into the early hours of the morning, determined to see their happy-ending. My only regret … I wanted MORE! More scenes where I could fall in love with these two characters, repeatedly. If you have not read Melody Grace’s Beachwood Bay Series, I highly recommend you pick them up! Loved Unconditional!

Fantastically FIVE stars!



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