The Best Wine- in Vo’

Sip Vino in the Spring under a canapé of Wisteria- La bella vita.

Every time I go to the grocery store to pick out a bottle of wine, I can’t help scouring the shelves for the Villa Sceriman label. Of course, I never find it but in my day dreams.  The days I spent drinking this wine, nibbling cheese and sharing pane’ (bread) under this wisteria with friends are so vivid I can almost smell the honey-like aroma from the purple blossom.

If you ever get to Northern Italy … Villa Sceriman, VO is a must stop, drink and eat! Salute!

Italian Wine Terms

Glossary of Italian Wine Terms

Abbocatto – Lightly Sweet.
Agronomo dr. – Agronomist with a University Degree.
Alcool – Alcohol, usually stated by % of volume.
Amabile – Semisweet.
Annata – Vintage year.
Azienda Agricola – Farm or estate which produces all or most of the grapes for wine sold under its labels.
Bianco – White.
Botte – Cask or bottle.
Brute – Dry (sparkling white).
Cantina – Cellar or winery.
Cantina Sociale – Cooperative winery.
Casa Vinicola – Wine house or merchant whose bottlings come mainly from purchased grapes.
Cascina – Farmhouse, often used for “estate”.
Classico – The historic core of a DOC/DOCG zone.
Clone – Clone.
Consorzio – Consortium of producers.
Dolce – Sweet.
Enologo – Enologist with long wine making experience.
Enoteca – Wine shop, literally wine library.
Etichetta – Label.
Ettaro – Hectare or 2.471 acres.
Ettolitro – Hectoliter or 100 liters.
Fattoria – Farm or estate.
Frizzante – Fizzy.
Imbottigliata – Bottled.
Invecchiato – Aged.
Passito – Partially dried grapes and the strong, usually sweet wines made from them.
Podere – Small farm or estate.
Prodotto – Produced, the producer grew his own grapes and processed the wine all the way through bottling and labeling.
Produttore – Producer.
Recioto – Wine made from partly dried grapes.
Riserva – Reserve, for DOC/DOCG wine aged for a specific amount of time.
Rosato – Rose.
Rosso – Red.
Secco – Dry.
Spumante – Sparkling in dry or sweet wines.
Superiore – Denotes DOC/DOCG wine that meets standards above the basic level.
Tenuta – Farm or estate.
Terreno – Soil.
Terroir – Interaction of climate and soil and its effect on the growing of vine.
Uva – Grape.
Vecchio – Old.
Vendemmia – Harvest or vintage.
Vendemmia Tardiva – Late Harvest.
Vigna or vigneto – Vinyard.
Vino Novello – New wine, usually a red that must be bottled and sold within the year of harvest.
Vitigno – Vine or grape variety.
Vivace – Lively.

History of Wine



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